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Bike Fitting

Bike Fit: Increased Comfort…Improved Performance…Injury Prevention

Comfort: No one enjoys riding a bicycle that makes them uncomfortable. Most cyclists don’t realize how small changes to their currently existing bike set up can make such a big difference. When cycling position is optimally adjusted to specifically fit your body; with consideration for your strength, flexibility, endurance, injuries and riding goals, comfort becomes a reality.

Improved Performance: Optimal positioning can have a significant effect on your performance. Factors that need to be considered for optimal position include those listed above, in addition to: body type, training habits, race/event duration, terrain, the ability to eat, drink and breathe while cycling, and aerodynamics. Only by considering each of these details can an ‘optimal rider position’ be achieved. This process takes time, experience and attention to detail.

Injury Prevention: A bicycle that is optimally fitted to you is safer to ride. Improper bike fitting can lead directly to overuse injuries, or prevent you from recovering from a pre-existing injury. This is especially important for those who spend considerable time on their bicycles. In addition, a proper bike fit will help ensure proper handling and braking while allowing you to safely see the road.