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The Pilates Method is well-known for its effectiveness as both a fitness regime and post-acute, movement-based rehabilitation system. At Peak to Shore, Pilates is taught by Danielle Belec of Second Wind® Pilates Plus®. Her approach covers the full spectrum of exercise, from movement therapy to athletic enhancement, thus appropriate for both injured clients and fully active sports enthusiasts.

Danielle skillfully combines The Pilates Method with Integrated Movement Therapies (IMT)® to enhance healing and to optimize strength, mobility and performance. Her clients learn a repeatable method for moving well without pain or strain, according to correct technique and proper biomechanics. Results are: 1) deep core strength and stability, 2) balanced flexibility, 3) improved posture, 5) reduction of pain, 6) increased range of motion, and 7) whole-body efficiency for optimal fitness and movement – for life.

Old postural habits and movement patterns that contribute to underlying injuries, pain, weakness, or limited range, are replaced with new and effective ways of moving and being in one’s body. You can do none less than excel!

Peak to Shore’s intention is to help clients develop whole-body strength and flexibility that supports active and pain-free living, as well as enhanced athletic performance.

Danielle’s intention is to make this new body knowledge yours for a life time. Welcome to Pilates!

Come improve your golf, skiing, squash, cycling, walking and fun!