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Sports Medicine

Sport and exercise medicine physicians are medical doctors with training and expertise in the prevention, diagnosis and management of sport or activity related musculoskeletal injuries and conditions.  They practice comprehensive, full scope medicine as it relates to exercise for individuals of all ages, abilities and activity levels.  Services are OHIP-funded and can help with acute or chronic injuries to any area of the body - including joint, ligament, tendon, bone or muscle.  They also are experts at the diagnosis and management of concussions and possess a diverse set of procedural skills, including injections.  Having first obtained their medical degrees and completed residencies in disciplines such as Family or Emergency Medicine, they then undergo further specialized training that often involves a Fellowship at a Canadian university. Through granting of a Diploma in Sport and Exercise Medicine, the Canadian Academy of Sport and Exercise Medicine (CASEM, is the national professional organization responsible for the examination and credentialing of sport medicine physicians. In addition to clinical, teaching and research responsibilities, many sport medicine physicians also provide team and sporting event coverage at the local, provincial, national and international levels.