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Strengthening & Conditioning

Strengthening & Conditioning

At Peak to Shore Physiotherapy we believe that programs must be designed specifically to the individual and work to correct movement dysfunctions, focus on motor control strategies and neuromuscular training in order to provide balance and symmetry in the body. We believe that strength training is not only beneficial, but imperative, for injury prevention, to facilitate return to play after injuries, youth motor learning and skills development and to increase physical performance in sport and at work. Moreover, Strength Training is essential in creating confidence, increasing motivation and building work ethic for recreational athletes, weekend warriors or professionals. The Strength Training service at Peak to Shore can include:

  • Designing Training Plan in preparation and maintenance for competition
  • Designing Recovery Plan for competitive season
  • Building Strength, Endurance, Speed, Power
  • Developing movement pattern for sport/work performance and injury prevention
  • Learning to warm-up properly to prevent injury and potentiate workout
  • Learning and improving lifting movement (Squat, Deadlift, Clean, Jerk, Snatch)
  • Performing Physical test
  • Monitoring of progression


Youth Physical Conditioning

Physical training for youth has been proven to be safe when delivered by qualified professionals with a sound pedagogical approaches. At Peak to Shore, our Strength Coach have the highest standard in certification in the field, the NSCA-CSCS is an international certification recognized worldwide. Our coaches use an individualized, progressive approach based on achievement of skill and movement to ensure the success of long-term athletic development. We also provide a consistent monitoring and assessment of the youth training with us to adapt the training to their needs. Moreover the American College of Sport and Medicine, the National Strength and Conditioning Association, the International Olympic Committee, the British Journal of Sport Medicine all point in the same direction saying that “youth should participate in physical conditioning that helps reduce the risk of injury to ensure their on-going participation in long-term athletic development programs”.